Saturday, July 18, 2009

Help promote CMI books

Customer reviews

It is quick and very helpful to have positive customer reviews posted on the book’s webpages -- especially on

Short, pithy comments help most: look for the customer reviews tabs - it is very easy to set up an account, if required:

1) rate at 5 stars
2) use an eye catching “comment title”
3) simple, compelling comment
4) qualify yourself as expert

What makes a good review?

Be detailed and specific.

Think of what others will want to know before buying: i.e. the accessible, youthful, practical, high-value nature of the books. Could also mention CMI’s larger goals (building constructive alternatives to the status quo, promoting intercultural activites) and methods (collaborative, cooperative, all-volunteer). Can also respond to other's reviews -- especially if their comments are wrong, misleading, and/or misinformed. Reviews will be posted within 48 hours.

Ideas for other ways to help

Ask your local library to buy it for their shelves
Ask your university / college library to buy it for their shelves
Buy a copy for yourself
Buy a copy and donate to a library
Recommend to your students and colleagues
Use as required text in your classes
Announce on listserves with which you participate

NOTE: this page is under construction, please check back later for further updates

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