Saturday, June 11, 2011

News Release

Morocco-themed resources – Fulbright collaborations, proceeds to Morocco-based NGO. Proposals and partners sought.

Could there be a more important time to pay closer attention to Morocco and the North Africa / Middle East regions?

Please distribute --

Moroccan Arabic - a practical guide to learning Moroccan Darija - the Arabic dialect of Morocco (2nd edition). International Educational Resources Series. $20

Bowles / Beats / Tangier - Paul and Jane Bowles, the Beat Generation & the crossroads city of Tangier, Morocco.
International Collaboration Series. $12

Shakespeare Lane - a contemporary reading of Tanjawi society - at the crossroads city of Tangier, Morocco - what will the citizens choose for their future?
International Contemporary Voices Series. $10

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Proceeds to International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS) Tangier. Producers of the Annual Tangier International Conferences. Details click here

An all-volunteer cooperative of Fulbrighters and others: academics, students, artists, writers, community advocates.

Proposals sought: institutional and/or individual partners, granting, books, translations, conferences, etc.

Collaborative Media International (CMI): people, planet, peace - profits for places Denver, Amherst, Tangier, Worldwide -

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