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New edited volume

 Alternative Dramaturgies

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Answering Back and Returning the Gaze: Two Examples of ‘alternative dramaturgies informed by a Deaf and disability perspective’ – Kaite O’Reilly

  • Figure 1. Jean St Clair in 'In Praise of Fallen Women: A Postmodern History of Prostitution,' photography courtesy of Patrick Baldwin.
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Cultural Manifestations of the Arab Revolution: New Visual Images and Performances – Touria Khannous

  • Figure 1.

The Problematics of History, Religion and Cross-Cultural Performance in Alternative Dramaturgies: Dramaturgy of Persian Plays in the West – Proshot Kalami

  • Figure 1.

Alternative Dramaturgy: Toward Understanding Intermediality in Theatre – Jaouad Radouani

  • Figure 1. A chart showing the way the alternative/intermedial stage usurps reality thrice and re-presents it in a completely re-constructed shape.
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Collaborative Media International

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Amazon best sellers

Amazon best sellers: #2 Morocco travel books, #5 business travel -- listing on July 11, 2014 
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

CMI / ICPS book launch at TALIM

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New international volume -- twenty-four papers, contributed by leading scholars from a dozen countries on three continents

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cover details listed at the bottom of this page)
Intermediality, Performance and the Public Sphere: selected papers from recent meetings of the Tangier International Conferences

Khalid Amine and George F Roberson, Editors
Jaouad Radouani, Editorial Associate 

$15 | ISBN 978-0-9824409-7-1
Buy it (click here) and other fine book shops

With special thanks and appreciation to: Carol Malt, friend of the arts; and, Gerald Loftus, Director (2010 to 2014), Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies

This book was made possible by a grant from the Crossroads Institute

This volume features a selection of key papers that were originally presented at recent meetings of the Tangier International Conferences. Convened amidst the still unfolding so-called ‘Arab Spring’, the themes of intermediality, performance and the public sphere have generated immense interest around the globe. Included are contributions from leading scholars on three continents and from a dozen countries: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, and USA.

The book has two parts. The first focuses on the intermedial connections of theater, dance and the visual arts, with a specific concentration in documentary theatre, new media practices, staged photography and installations.

The second part aims at reframing the discussion on the public sphere and questioning the performative articulations of political critique. Indeed, the revolutionary "Arab Spring" has been fueled as never before by a ‘techno-imagination’ —a powerful and ever evolving relationship between images and texts.

A total of twenty-four papers are presented including: a preface by the editors; two chapters translated into English (from the original Arabic); three chapters presented in the original French, and three chapters contributed by emerging scholars.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Performing Tangier – Khalid Amine and George F Roberson 

I. Intermediality and Performance

Collaborative Choreography and Intermediality in Contemporary Dance: Frédéric Gies’ “danse praticable” – Gabriele Brandstetter

In the Mix: Contemporary Intermedial Theatre and Hybridity – Andy Lavender. To view article images, click here
Theatre in a State of Latency: The Radical Criticism of Rabih Mroué Performative Lectures – Katia Arfara

Revitalizing Opera on TV: Alexander Kluge’s TV Program “A Woman like a Volcano” - Klemens Gruber. To view articles images, click here
Talking in the City - based on the performance “in/of the city”: Tangier – Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson

The Ceremony of Transformation: Performance and the New Media – Jose Luis Delgado Guitart

Le théâtre au regard de la performance – Pierre Katuszewski

Rabih Mroué et Lina Saneh, Comment ralentir l'occultation du corps/individu – Omar Fertat. To view article images, click here

II. Performance and the Public Sphere

The Performativity of Protest in its Filmic and Digital Representation – Stephen Barber

The Sound of the Street – Performance, Sound and Revolution in 1848 – Meike Wagner. To view article images, click here

“Nonviolent Terrorism” or the Legitimate Performance of Resistance? Hunger Strikes, Death Fasts, and a Habermasian Conception of Political Action and the Public Sphere – Amy Bartholomew

Western Im/Mobility: LIGNA’s Radioballet, Western Transit Zones and the Public Sphere – Wolf-Dieter Ernst. To view article images, click here

Riot of Dwarfs: on a possible negotiation of aisthesis – Berenika Szymanski-Düll

One Needs a Voice to Express Indignation: Debtors’ Oxymoronic Presence in the Public Sphere – Izabela Morska

Protest in the Arab Theatre: A Historical Outlook – Hassan Lamniai, translated by Jaouad Radouani

Le dernier Carnival de Dijon: Une politique festive et genrée – Philip Whalen. To view article images, click here

Performing Public Sphere: Theatre in Current Zimbabwe – Julius Heinicke

Scheherezade Goes West: Acting Out ‘as a’ Pakistani/American/Muslim/Wo/Man – Fawzia Afzal-Khan

Arab Writers: Arab Spring. The Arab Spring: An Unprecedented Spectacle – Rita S Nezami

Touria Jebrane: The Dynamics of Coincidence and Careful Choice - An Extract from Balaghat Al-Iltibass (Rhetoric of Ambiguity) – Mohammed Bahjaji, translated by Jaouad Radouani and Abdelaziz Al-Amrani

Emerging Scholars Papers

Je danserai malgré tout!: Tunisian public space performances in times of democratic transition – Anna Serlenga. To view article images, click here

Traces of Operation Desert Storm: Aesthetic Transformations of War – Kristin Flade

Exclusivity and the Colonisation of the Public Sphere in African Performance – Bode Ojoniyi

- - -

Acknowledgements, click here

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Focus on Moroccan Arabic: A Practical Guide to Learning Moroccan Darija, click here

About the cover:

Features the performance, “Dialogue Between Body and Architecture”, by Graziella Boggiano, with the collaboration of many local Tanjawi performance artists, Tangier, Morocco, May 2009

Photos contributed by Abdelaziz Khalili, a Tangier, Morocco-based artist: khaliliaziz @

Design contributed by Andy Reynolds, a Washington, DC-based graphic designer: andynco @ 

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Le dernier Carnival de Dijon: Une politique festive et genrée – Philip Whalen

Figure 1. La Mère-Folle est pendue après un simulacre de procès à Dijon en 1935. Elle sera ensuite brûlée pendant le Carnival. Autorisation de reproduction donnée par le Pays de Bourgogne.

Figure 2. L’effigie de la Mère-Folle en train de brûler, pendant le Carnival de Dijon de 1935. Autorisation de reproduction donnée par le Pays de Bourgogne.

Figure 3. L’entrée du Logis de la Mère-Folle. Autorisation de reproduction donnée par Archives municipales de la Ville de Dijon, « Mère-Folle », (série 6Fi 269).

Friday, December 13, 2013

Je danserai malgré tout!: Tunisian public space performances in times of democratic transition – Anna Serlenga

Figure 1: Raeda Saadeh, The wishes tree, Dream City Festival 2012, Tunis

Figure 2: Art Solution, Je danserai malgré tout 2, video still