Saturday, July 18, 2009

Moroccan Arabic update

Thanks to the generosity of numerous all-volunteer contributor-collaborators worldwide, we're pleased to announce that a revised and expanded edition of Moroccan Arabic: Shnoo the Hell is Going On H'naa? A Practical Guide to Learning Moroccan Darija - the Arabic Dialect of Morocco (2nd edition) has been released.

Incorporating reader suggestions, student input, and Moroccan and US American academic review, the new edition features more details on the transliteration system, additional words, new word lists, and the text has been completely revised and re-edited.

Thanks to:

All buyers and users.

And to: Abdelmajid Elsayd; Soufiane Chami; Megan Pavlischek; Sarah Dohrman; Imelda O'Reilly; Saadia Maski; Jennifer Roberson; Jonathan Lange; Chris Gaffney; Richard Sakulich
Elias James Grove; Nabil Khan; Marvin Carlson, Fazia Afzal Khan; Edwin Bodensiek; Gary Garrison

And to: the Tangier American Legation Institute Museum (TALIM); American Institute for Maghreb Studies (AIM)

And to a number of anonymous peer reviewers

If we've somehow forgotten to include your name or institution above please dont fret -- let us know!

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