Friday, October 19, 2012

"Bowles / Beats / Tangier" on BBC World

Bowles / Beats / Tangier subject of report on BBC World
"Tangier's curious Beat generation heritage" by Sylvia Smith

Features ICPS/CMI friends Simon-Pierre Hamelin, Librairie des Colonnes and Gerald Loftus, Tangier American Legation. (see ICPS/CMI book cover at 0:18 and 2:03 of 4:09 total)

View the video report, click here

Bowles / Beats / Tangier - Paul and Jane Bowles, the Beat Generation & the crossroads city of Tangier, Morocco. Allen Hibbard and Barry Tharaud, Editors. Khalid Amine, Project Director. International Collaboration Series - North Africa

For more about the book, click here

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There is renewed interest in the Beat Generation with recent release the new film On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, for info click here

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