Thursday, January 5, 2012

CMI Founder, Director, Publisher

George F Roberson, PhD, founded Collaborative Media International (CMI) in 2009* and serves as Publisher and Director. An academic, entrepreneur, adventurer, writer, and coach, Roberson is Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in the Geography Human Dimensions Research Group. His doctorate is also with that group culminating in an urban-humanistic dissertation on Tangier, Morocco. His ongoing work is focused on theorizing processes of engagement and change and establishing best practices in international collaborations and education.

Recent activities include: Co-convener of the Tangier International Conferences (i.e. Performing Transformations 2012, 8th Annual); Fulbright Scholar to Tangier cultivating NGO’s with Dr Khalid Amine and the International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS); Founder and Director of Collaborative Media International (CMI) for the development of educational materials, cutting-edge technologies and innovative funding models; Publisher and Project Director of Moroccan Arabic (for learning the language); and Chair of Partners for International Collaboration and Education (PICE, pronounced peace, a.k.a. ‘partners for peace’) a collaborative effort of ICPS and CMI to further international programming, education, and exchange.

Roberson’s international experience reaches over fifty countries on five continents with a particular focus in the North Africa/Middle East and Mediterranean Regions with experience in more than ten Muslim-majority countries. In order to get boots-on-the-ground experience, one research trip included hitching solo from Morocco to Guinea-Conakry.

Prior to entering international research and education, he spent ten years as a social and business entrepreneur building sports marketing companies and ski coaching. He is also former Research Director at Colorado WINS (a.k.a. CAPE-SEIU), the state employee organization.

He splits his time between Denver, Amherst, and Tangier.

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*A Fulbright Scholar research grant outcome, CMI exists to support initiatives that promote constructive, creative and alternative engagements to enhance mutual respect and understanding between the peoples of the Morocco/Middle East-North Africa region and the USA/Europe and the rest of the world.

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